12 hours of filming and photographing - full day guaranteed

We usually start our work 3 hours before the ceremony, we work up to and including capping ceremony, being at your disposal all day long.

Wedding video

The story of the whole day described in 2-3 minutes? Yes, we will prepare a wedding video for you, which you can send to your friends, post on a social networking site, etc.

Wedding film feature

All the memories included in the 60-75 minute wedding film. However, if you prefer short reports, we can prepare for you a maximum of 20 minutes wedding summary – ask for details. The film is presented in HD quality in MP4 format.

Photographic wedding feature

You will receive 300 processed photos, which will be a great souvenir for you and a 30×30 album with selected shots.

Group photos

For several years now we have been finding out what pictures are really valuable. Photo with grandmother, parents or aunt from the United States. I will never refuse to take a group photo, even if it’s thirtieth aunt that day.

Short open-air session on the wedding day

I always try to draw you to the garden in front of the reception hall, to catch, apart from group photos, a few unique frames from this beautiful day. Such emotions as during the wedding will no longer accompany you on another day, the hairstyle and make-up will be different. And also it is worth to find 15 minutes only for yourself on this beautiful, but very fast passing day.

Customer zone

The customer zone is a comfort not only for you, but also for your loved ones. A wedding feature posted in the zone and protected by a password will be easily and safely distributed, without the need to burn and send discs to a family living in another part of the country.


Fiancée Session

This is an ideal way to get to know the photographer who will accompany you on your wedding day. The session will help you to get used to the camera and feel comfortable during the wedding. It is also a great idea to prepare gifts to thank parents or photographic decoration of the room. Great fun and a beautiful souvenir guaranteed!

Wedding outdoor session on another day

We can take beautiful outdoor shots with no hurry. We can go to a place that you dream of. Such a session is performed max. 2 weeks from the wedding day, emotions have already fallen a bit, but you still live that day 🙂

Drone shots

At your request, we can take drone shots, which add variety to your wedding film and allow you to see your day from a different perspective.


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