About us


Who we are?

We are Marta and Marcin. We create a harmonious duo in everyday and professional life. We understand your needs perfectly, because this year we ourselves will be married. We connect the eyes of a man and a woman, which allows us to fully reflect the emotions of the wedding day and create amazing things. You already had the opportunity to see our photos and videos, which we create with great passion. We thought that you might be curious who is standing on the other side of the camera. Because we always like to meet you, have a coffee, get to know you better and listen to your story 😉


FOTOGRAPHY or a fraction of a second closed in the frame

Ever since I remember I used to take pictures. I have already told more than one story with pictures. I’ve always liked to observe people, their mutual relations. When taking the pictures I’m looking for subtle emotions, phenomenal light and details that make up your stories. I choose timeless photography full of naturalness, colour and smile because I believe that only thanks to that it will last for years and will be enjoyed by you just as much as at the beginning. I love weddings – each one is different, magical, your eyes, the moments that were not in the script and I can now proudly say that it’s my dream job. I like the opportunity to travel and meet new people, as well as to experience the most important moments in their lives. The only thing I need is the threads of understanding between us, mutual openness and trust.


WEDDING FILM or a short story

What should a good film consist of? For me it’s the people, beautiful light and well selected music that creates a good film. I like minimalism, intimacy, simplicity and cosiness. I build my films on the untold statements, gestures, details and symbols. Instead of a pen I use a camera to write your shared story, I try not to interfere in the course of events, but only to capture what is fleeting. While creating films I have the opportunity to make my childhood dreams of being a cinematographer come true – VHS tapes seen in childhood ignited my love for the cinema, and the books I read allowed me to awaken my imagination to create good stories. A good story must present people we love from the first page or scene, and the best ones are you and your feelings.

We work with people, they are the most important for us. That’s why our role is not limited to capturing moments by our cameras. We offer advice, we calm down, we help, we reply, we never remain indifferent to the problems of the people around us. So if you have found here what you were looking for, we invite you to contact us 🙂